Celebration of Life

At Caynne Bistro, we understand the significance of commemorating the lives of your loved ones in a meaningful and intimate way. Allow us to be your partner in organizing a heartfelt celebration of life -whether at our cozy restaurant, through our off-site catering services, or with the convenience of takeout.

Why Choose Cayenne Bistro for Your Celebration:

  1. Intimate Family Gatherings: Experience the warmth of an intimate family get-together curated just for you. Our cozy ambiance sets the perfect backdrop for cherished moments.

  2. Seamless Event Planning: Let us handle all the details, from an elegant sit-down lunch at our venue to catering for your outside event. We ensure a stress-free an well-coordinated celebration for you and your family.

  3. Cost Savings: Opting for Caynne Bistro means saving on venue rental costs and additional setup, supplies, and cleanup charges. Enjoy an affordable yet elegant celebration without compromising on quality.

Please call 604.553.7866 to talk about your unique celebration of life.

Allow Cayenne Bistro to make this moment special, where every detail is cared for with care and compassion.