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Inspired by her mother, the owner Zeimina has always had a passion and talent for  cooking from a very young age. Preparing delicious meals has been a huge part of her life and she has always enjoyed experimenting new recipes for her family and friend. She has now opened a beautiful bistro  so that she can share her passion and flavors for everyone to enjoy. 


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Coconut Based Spicy Curries

Coconut milk is a very common ingredient in Asian cooking as well as African cooking. It gives a very rich creamy flavor and when combined with aromatic spices, it makes very flavorful sauces for many dishes. And in addition to coconut milk, scraped or grated coconut also used for some dishes. Following are a few

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Indian and East African Fusion Food

Afro Indian fusion food is one of the latest addition to the fusion food category. Currently it is getting the well-deserved recognition. Diners around the world have become more adventurous and curious and looking for new cuisine to try out. Their curiosity to step outside their regular culinary zone and try out new dishes have

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“A great experience. The food is truly amazing. The staff go out of their way to provide exceptional service. The owners are sincere and ensure everyone enjoys their dining experience. I highly recommend this place.”

— Farid D.

“People definitely miss home when they come to Canada but Cayenne truly captures the tastes of Africa and India in their dishes. It was our first time in their restaurant and from the get go the service was fantastic and the food even more so.”

— Ayaaz J.

“Great food…Kuku Choma was fantastic!
Personal attention from the owners.
Definatelly an uncovered gem in Burnaby!”

— Luis V.